Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Next UK SSU meeting, Thurs (Nov. 18), 5pm

Hi all,

We're quickly trying to pull together another UK Socialist Student Union meeting for this Thursday (tomorrow, Nov. 18) at 5pm at Coffea coffeeshop (385 Rose St., Lexington). So sorry for the short notice; please help spread the word. As always, all are welcome.

Main agenda items:
*campaign for farmworker justice w/ regard to Kroger
*planning at least one more forum or movie night before the end of the semester
*collaboration with BCTC SSU and building connections to socialist student activists around the state

It will be a fun, short meeting. :) Hope to see you then.

In Solidarity,
Joan Braune

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  1. Joan how about watching "Inside job" - heard it is a great documentary on 'Banking and financial crisis of 2008' now showing in KY theater