Wednesday, December 1, 2010

72 signatures so far, and more rolling in!

UK SSU gathered 60 signatures tabling on campus on Tuesday, on the letter to the management of Kroger.

People were really receptive. This is a cause that it is hard not to care about, considering that conditions for these Florida farmworkers are so bad that two of the employers have even been imprisoned for beating and enslaving workers.

One student mentioned that she felt a personal connection to the issue because she had a family member who was a tomato farmer. Another student--yes, we asked her to sign up for the e-mail list, and she did--said in response to our spiel about exploited workers, "Figures. Capitalism [is the problem]!"

Tonight I briefed the board of the Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice ( about the issue, at their monthly meeting. They were happy to sign the letter and will help us to get more signatures.

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