Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rand Paul, our schools are not for sale!

Senator Rand Paul, Tea (Party) connoisseur and apparent enemy of social services, paved roads and other nice things made possible by government funding, was in town on Monday, giving a speech at a fancy luncheon and book signing hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Paul has been calling for an end to all federal education funding, privativization of all schools, and even the abolition of the Department of Education. This would be devastating for students, teachers, and staff, with tuition already sky-rocketing and wages/salaries declining. So we found it a bit ironic--to say the least--that the Paul event was sponsored by (amongst other organizations and corporations) the University of Kentucky and Bluegrass Community and Technical College. We didn't feel that Rand's policies represented us.

The BCTC and UK SSUs quickly organized a protest:

We received many wonderful honks of support from passing drivers! We were also interviewed by the Lexington Herald-Leader, but they did not mention the protest in their article about the event in today's paper, which stressed Paul's plan to run to President (ahhh!). An annoyed letter-to-the-editor might be in order.

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