Monday, May 21, 2012

Sanitation Worker Solidarity at the Peace Fair

We had a table and a film screening at the BCTC Peace Fair. We gathered signatures on a call for the city of Lexington to support the rights of public employees to organize, and we screened the short film Justice Delayed, and the struggles of Lexington's sanitation workers. Everyone was really supportive and happy to sign in support of the current unionization effort of the sanitation workers. And as always, the Peace Fair was a lot of fun (thanks to awesome peace studies prof Rebecca Glasscock)!

Here is a recent update on the sanitation workers, shared with the SSU by local AFSCME union organizer Richard Becker:

"On April 4th of this year, the employees of Lexington's Division of Waste Management submitted petition signatures from nearly 70% of the employees asking the city to allow them to hold a union representation election. Just this week, the city responded: there will be an election. The workers do not know when the election will be held, but they are confident that they will successfully vote in a union to correct the many longstanding problems they have faced, some of which this film highlights."

If you'd like more info, you can contact Richard Becker at

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